Our Stationeers program is supported by volunteer groups who beautify 60 railway station precincts across metropolitan and rural Victoria.


Our Stationeers program improves the look and feel of railway station precincts across Victoria through the hard work and dedication of our incredible volunteers. 

Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria runs the program in partnership with Public Transport Victoria, V/Line, VicTrack and Metro Trains and recognises Stationeers volunteers as integral to enhancing and contributing to the beauty and diversity of the local environment, creating resilient and vibrant communities. 

Volunteers are the backbone of Keep Australia Beautiful and typically engage in various activities such as assisting with events, providing services, or participating in projects that aim to benefit others or address societal needs. The essence of a volunteer role lies in the altruistic motivation of individuals to make a positive impact and contribute to the well-being of others or the community at large. 


Our Stationeers volunteers are connected with other community members who share a passion for gardening and caring for their local environment. 

Together you work to improve local stations through planting, weeding, mulching and other maintenance projects, creating a welcoming gateway to your community and a thriving natural environment. 

Benefits of being a Stationeer: 

  •               Connect with and have fun with like-minded people. 
  •               Enhance and contribute to your local community. 
  •               Contribute to the diversity and beautification of your local environment. 
  •               Physical activity. 


To ensure volunteers are equipped, KABV provides: 

  •               Safety equipment (such as high visibility vests and signs). 
  •               Safety training. 
  •               Public liability and personal injury insurance. 
  •               Permission from the appropriate railway authority to carry out volunteer work.